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Hand In Fire

Her name is Sora and she’s a sin eater.
The name is exactly what it implies. She takes your sin, washes your conscience clean and sends you on your merry way. Or at least, she did.
She’s spent her entire life doing the right thing, being a nice person. Suffering in their places because it was her job, and most people don't even thank her for it.
For the last ten years, she’s even loved the same man.
Until today.
Today, her world fell around her in pieces, and she realized that she’s done doing for others. It's time to do for her-damn-self.
It's time for people to deal with their own sins, their own guilt, and their own consequences.
Not only will she no longer suffer their sins...

She’s might just give them all back.

**This is an Urban Fantasy with some adult themes**

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